I’m a recent Graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters degree in Information Systems Management (MISM) – Global Track, with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. I love working in the field of Data Science, Deep Learning and Analytics. My work experience includes 5.7+ years’ experience in the IT industry along with global experience in the United States, Norway, India, and Australia.

INNOVATE: I love to innovate and work on new ideas and technologies. Last summer, I worked on at a startup in Norway where I used Deep Learning for object detection on electric power lines using Drones. I and my team developed a model using TensorFlow, OpenCV, Python using a dataset of 30,000 images and achieved an accuracy of more than 90% with a speed of 18fps using the Nvidia TX1 GPU.

INSPIRE: I’m supercharged and inspired by the startup ecosystem and the amazing new problems that are being solved using Machine Learning. My Long term vision is to “To use technology in solving toughest problems we face in the world and contribute towards making the world a better place to live…”

SHARE: I love to share and speak regularly at events. I’m active in the CMU IoT Club, Consulting Club and a member of the Australian Computer Society.

Health Analytics for fitNSure Project

Hilti IoT Competition 2017

Queens Innovation Challenge

Gloria – AI and IoT Chatbot

WMS Automation using Internet of Things

Krishi Sanjeevani – Technology Enabled Farming

SPICE – A Community Initiative

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