FitNSure - AI and Blockchain based Health Initiative

Conducted Health Analytics using a Dataset from Apple Health for Project fitNSure.

fitNSure is an initiative to create a project to incentivize users for staying active and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to track daily activity including steps completed by walking, running, outdoor distance, workouts. An algorithm can be designed to translate the data related to their daily activity (jogging, walking, sleep pattern etc.) in the form of a unique cryptocurrency called “fitCoins” which can be exchanged for discounts on Life-insurance premiums and the platform’s Marketplace of lifestyle products and services.

Pitch Video:

Current Status: Completed the initial Data Analysis and performed some for 25 Users using Health Data. Performed User Research. Presented first Pitch at Carnegie Mellon University’s McGinnis Venture Competition to explore the idea, feasibility, and future development as a prospective startup idea.

Team: Rajeev Rai Bhatia, Sanjeev Bhatia, Pranav Bhatt, Swagata Ashwani, Sachi Sharma

Github Repo: