Selected as a Finalist at the International Innovation Challenge sponsored by Queens University, Toronto, Canada along with Scotia Bank and IBM, 25th November, 2016

We proposed an Analytics based recommendation for the client “Spirit of Math” to scale up their operations from 6000 students to 250,000 students using technology.

Our team from Carnegie Mellon University, Australia won a cash prize of CAD 2000 along with a trip to the finals to compete among Top 7 Teams from 259 teams from 69 post-secondary institutions.

Team: Rajeev Rai Bhatia, Pranav Bhatt, Venkatesh Bhattad, Rohan Panikkar, Swathi Yadavalli and Yulin Zhou
Mentor: Professor Murli Vishwanathan

Achievement: Finalist Top 7 Teams from 259 overall Teams and represented CMU at International Innovation Challenge, 2016, Toronto, Canada.

Team Wizminds from India

Team PiedPiper at Queens Innovation Challenge

Team PiedPiper at International Innovation Challenge, Toronto, 2016

Team PiedPiper CMU, 2016

Rohan, Pranav and Rajeev (L-R)

Rohan, Pranav and Rajeev (L-R)