WizBuddy is a novel attempt towards human-computer interaction. It aims to make travel intelligent, efficient, reduce accidents, and use technology to simplify the overall travel experience. The device was proposed for vehicles, and using Voice, Gestures and Touch it made the user’s life easy by making interaction with the device intuitive.

It provides a solution that can help make this communication more intuitive using Natural User Interface (NUI). Some of the features that were developed as part of the project are – Best Route Calculation using GPS Sensor and Google Maps, Voice and Gesture control for the in-device media player, real time data of weather, along with Social Media integration like Twitter and Facebook.

The device was also provided with a fingerprint scanner for easy login and authentication. Some additional features like parking assistance, collision avoidance buzz and self test alcoholic sensors were also provided. These features helped the drivers improve their safety and make help improve their drive.

Team: Subodh N Pushpak
Resources: Presentation | Proposal | Source Code